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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bonsai, experimental electronic musician, posts track made with a Speak & Spell, Circuit Bent by fastmatt

‘Bonsai’, a very nice customer of mine, recently sent me a link to her myspace page. There she features her very interesting music, including one track made almost entirely of samples taken from the instrument I built for her in 2006. On her page, look for the track ‘speakit damn drivers’.

Check it out: Bonsai’s myspace page

I also had the opportunity to replace a bent/broken power switch on Bonsai’s speak & spell last week. I really love doing repairs – hardly ever get any back, actually, so it is fun for me to see how they are holding up in the field. Each of my devices actually gets a signature and date on the inside surface of the case when I bend them the first time, and I also add a repair note with date whenever I have to get back inside one. A tradition I borrowed from the pocket watch repair trade.

Sometimes I imagine some archaeologist 1,000 years from now digging up one of my bent toys and wondering what the heck it was. Maybe they will open it up and see my writing still there. I wonder if they would have batteries that still fit…

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