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Circuit Bent Speak & and Read


This thing is so frickin' musical. I'm running mine through a Digitech Synth Wah and a Zoom Tri Metal. It's total destruction yet sublime bliss at the same time. The totally random repetitiveness of this machine is wonderful. It never repeats yet it remains consistant enough to appear to be the same. The key, of course, is the "Glitch Switch". It's a brilliant bend. And the Two-Way loop switch makes the art of capture and kill so simple. Wicked! The distortion switch hits a grand slam into the upper deck with an evil inducing amount of distortion. You can throw down a beat with it or just hold it and "bring da noize!"..

Thanks for puttin' it together for me. You have created a bride for my monster.


Date Added: 05/10/2008 by steve burr
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